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In 1999 SUNNA signed a record deal with Massive Attacks record label ‘Melankolic’ part of Virgin Records UK with producer Neil Davidge.  SUNNA then went on to tour with American band ‘A Perfect Circle’ from Los Angeles and ‘VAST’ on their USA tours in 2000. Sunna also toured with The Smashing Pumpkins on their final European tour, it was to be amazing experience for the band.

SUNNA most successful album to date, One Minute Science was produced that same year, with the singles “I’m Not Trading” and “Power Struggle”. The latter single appeared in the movie ‘Hollow Man’, to which Kevin Bacon can be seen singing along too. SUNNA’s drummer was replaced by Mark Richardson, of Skunk Anansie, but he joined Feeder following the death of drummer Jon Lee.

SUNNA also performed live to MTV with audience of over 20,000. In that year Sunna sold over 80,000 albums worldwide. The band original line up split up after 2002 and Jon worked mostly with fellow band member and guitarist Ian Maclaren, brother Tim Harris on drums and few other session musicians to produce ‘Two Minute Terror’. This was to be the bands second album and was released October 6th 2009 and featured the track ‘One of Twin’.

In 2011 SUNNA produced their third album ‘After The Third Pin’ and then their fourth album ‘4 Global Mourning’ 2013. Banjo contributions by Leon Hunt and bass guitarist Chris Blanden & Alex Clemetson.  Sid Harris also provided SUNNA with guitars on a few tracks on both albums. In 2019 Jon has been working on new material for the bands fifth album, that is untitled at this stage.